A Celebration of Courage 2013


Thank you for joining us at A Celebration of Courage 2013 where we honored Dr. Binnaz Toprak, Yasemin Öz, and Dorothy Sander for their significant, lasting, and heroic contributions to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender movement worldwide.

Press Coverage

This year's Celebration was covered by several Turkish news outlets including Hürriyet and the Star Gazete which we've translated in to English. The Huffington Post also ran an exclusive Q&A with Cynthia Nixon.

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Dr. Binnaz Toprak (left), Yasemin Öz (middle) and Dorothy Sander (right) joined by IGLHRC Board Co-Chairs Todd Larson and Amie Bishop. Photo by Donna F. Aceto

Maulik Pancholy, Honorary Chair of A Celebration of Courage 2013 with LeRoy Potts. Photo by Donna F. Aceto.

Cynthia Nixon, host, with Hossein Alizadeh and Felipa de Souza Honoree Yasemin Öz. Photo by Shreen Asem.

Dorothy Sander, Special Recognition Honoree with Todd Larson, IGLHRC Board Co-Chair. Photo by Shreen Asem.

Michael Sbabo and John Myung, Sponsors of A Celebration of Courage with Jessica Stern, Executive Director, and Amie Bishop and Todd Larson, IGLHRC Board Co-Chairs.

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