Supporters Take the Initiative in 2017

Last week, we received this message on social media about a pin campaign to support OutRight.

We decided to reach out and connect with the creators, Amber Vittoria and Rishi, to learn more about them and the campaign. Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. Rishi is an Associate Creative Director living in New York City.

Amber & Rishi, we'd also like to give a shout out to say THANK YOU for your support. It's motivation for me as the digital communications manager to see campaigns pop up like this. But also to my colleagues who I shared the campaign with and which keeps us motivated and energized in our work to advance international LGBTIQ human rights.

Below is the Q&A about the campaign. The current status is that their are only 4 of the pin sets left for them to reach their goal!

OutRight: What motivated you to be proactive and start a campaign to support international LGBTIQ human rights?

Rishi: I’ve been involved in the New York City LGBTIQ philanthropic world since I moved here in 2008, heavily supporting the work of Stonewall Community Foundation. Given the current political climate, now seemed like the best time to try and impact organizations we know may need lasting support over the next four years.

On a personal note, Amber and I have a great friendship, and used to be Art/Copy partners at the agency where I work, so this collaboration seemed like a no brainer. Her immense talent and willingness to use her skill set to help people really inspired me.

Amber: In light of the election, the need to support organizations that protect and fight for human rights is imminent, especially the rights of the LGBTIQ community. Combining Rishi's incredible writing skills alongside my ability to design pins, we felt that we could simultaneously spread a positive message while supporting an incredible organization.

OutRight: What is the inspiration behind the messages on your pins?

Rishi: The messaging is twofold: we wanted to create something uplifting and reassuring for the LGBTIQ community and our allies, as well as send a strong message to the Trump administration, who could potentially reverse progress made in the last 8 years.

LOVE WHO YOU WANT very much embodies the “Love is love” movement, while STAY IN YOUR LANE is a recently popular slang phase that we repurposed with a political spin—reminding the men and women in Trump’s administration that they have no right to make uninformed decisions on our behalf.

Amber: While creating the 'Love who you want' pin, a second pin, 'Stay in your lane,' evolved. We felt that these two pins embody the emotional variance many of us have been experiencing as of late.

OutRight: Do you have suggestions on how OutRight can better support people who want to create similar campaigns? Or create collaboration opportunities?

Rishi: From personal experience, I’d say it’s all about networking, and utilizing those networks to galvanize the community. Not all fundraising efforts have to strictly be about dollars. The reason I loved doing this collaboration with Amber is because it provides a utility/product for people who support us.

Amber: Agreed. We truly appreciate you spreading the message on social media as well. The reach some of our tweets have received since sharing has grown exponentially.

Outright: Anything else you would like to add?

Rishi: Very much appreciate you reaching out to us and we couldn’t be happier to support OutRight Action International. Our hope is that the momentum people who are unhappy with the election results have continues to stay strong; we’ve got a long fight ahead of us. Keep faith. Keep hope. Keep moving forward.

Amber: Agreed, thank you so, so much for reaching out. If people are unsure of how to endure or support the long fight ahead of us, I suggest to find what it is they love to do most (in our case write and create art), and create something with love to spread positivity and hope.


Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. Her work is airy, colorful, whimsical, and powerful with heavy conceptual roots in femininity, physical identity, and nature. Her work has been recognized by It’s Nice That, Man Repeller, and Teen Vogue.


Rishi is an Associate Creative Director living in New York City. Since moving to New York in 2008, he has been heavily involved in the LGBTIQ community, spending his time working with Stonewall Community Foundation and their young donor circle, Stonewall Quarter Share. Outside of his professional and philanthropic work, Rishi is an oboist, runner, avid lover of fashion, and self-proclaimed #1 Beyoncé fan.